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Monday, December 29, 2014

Daft advice

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Facebook is full of cornpone philosophy and snappy advice you didn't ask for, but this one is a peach: "10 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married". The fourth is my favourite, I think:

"What about your sex life?

"You should discuss and plan your sex life, if you are compatible in frequency and fidelity, how you will keep it fresh, and how you will handle changes. You should also thoroughly discuss boundaries and fetishes."

Can I suggest a couple of competitions?

1. Treat the above as a scripted scene involving the couple and their pastor/vicar/priest/rabbi in prenuptial discussion.

2. Alternatively, make up your own decalogue of questions (e.g. "What's your name?", "Are you married?" and the killer-decider, "Do you like Justin Bieber?")


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Timbo614 said...

I think they missed one:

Do you love them (the other) and think you will love them forever?

If this one is "Yes" the others follow with a little compromise here and there!

Planning every detail of your life is overrated!

Wildgoose said...

There's only one question really: Do you want to grow old together? If you see yourself still together in your dotage having weathered whatever the world has thrown at you both, then there's the answer.

James Higham said...

Not just Facebook but the whole net is full of it.