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Friday, April 25, 2014


Why a duck? (pic source)

1. Hounded by the Daily Mail to explain why he resisted an enquiry into the Cyril Smith paedophile saga, Nick Clegg finally called for a police enquiry yesterday - into the possibility that the abuse and cover-up was a wider, cross-party affair - and on the same day, also called for the Queen to be relieved of her role as head of the Church of England. A good way to bury bad news? Nothing like insouciantly kiting a massive constitutional change to redirect the attention of the media goldfish..

2. The Cornish are to be recognised as a minority, with rights. I'm still waiting to hear someone in the MSM connect this with the EU's plan to split us into regions, before dismantling the UK altogether. Don't hold your breath waiting for the restoration of their fishing rights, though.

3. Following the 2009 "Smeargate" scandal, I have occasionally checked to see what actually happened to Damian McBride. At the time, after his sacking, he was said to have gone into teaching - something likely to soften the judgmental hearts of GROLIES - "don't hit me, I'm finally going to do something socially worthwhile" - but instead it seems he became "Business Liaison Officer" at his old school in Finchley, and two years later became Head of Media at CAFOD.

4. Speaking of burying bad news, I still can't quite establish what became of hapless spad Jo Moore. Like McBride, she too was said to be going into teaching, though the 2003 article in the Independent reported her working in the role of a "classroom assistant" as part of her teacher training, which certainly wasn't the route I took. I have personally known a teacher give up to become a learning mentor, though - half the pay but a quarter of the work and no responsibility, she told me. Perhaps Jo really did stick it out - the 60-hour weeks, endless paperwork, sometimes horrid children, worrying about classroom displays and water-bottles, dreading hidden-agenda visits by Ofsted; perhaps not.

We think we're a democracy, they think we're a ship of fools.


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