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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Puplava: this isn't the big one

I'm a bit behind on my listening to Financial Sense Newshour, but as ever, the issues we're talking about aren't momentary. Jim Puplava's view (8 September) is that this crisis isn't the big one: the US will reflate its way out. It can't do that on its own without sacrificing the dollar, so (as has been happening for a long time) there will be cooperation with other nations' central banks. In effect, we are in an international currency inflation cartel, since no trading nation wants a hard currency that leaves its industries high and dry.

But, says Jim, the next recovery will be shorter, and the next fall back much worse. He sees this as happening around 2009/2010, which coincides with the time of Peak Oil, in which he is a big believer. That's when he feels the energy and credit crunches may come together. He sees gold and silver soaring to levels that currently seem fantastic.

For us ordinary people, that may be less interesting than the effects of energy shortage on our daily transportation and domestic heating.

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