Saturday, June 24, 2017

Car manufacturers force everyone to switch to electric vehicles after June

I have had notification that my cheap and reasonably reliable old petrol-engined car - and all of yours - will no longer be supported by manufacturers, garages and filling stations and we must get an electric engine within a week. We have no choice in the matter.

Here is an extract from the manufacturer's support page:

Do I need to get an electric engine to stay mobile?

Yes, the best way to stay mobile is to get an electric engine.

You have two ways to get an electric engine:

Upgrade your current car

You can purchase a complete new electric engine and transmission, but you should first make sure that your car is built to take it. Very few older cars can accommodate such a refit. We recommend that you check out the electric engine specifications page to find out if your car meets the system requirements for electric motors. For more detailed information, read the FAQ.

Get a new car

If your current car can't carry an electric engine, it might be time to consider shopping for a new one. Be sure to explore our great selection of new cars. They're more powerful, lightweight, and stylish than ever before—and with an average price that's considerably less expensive than the average car was 10 years ago.


Very sorry, totally misread my email link, turns out it's Microsoft's Windows Vista that has to be scrapped by everyone. So that's all right, then.


James Higham said...

Apparently my Skype ends in 7 days too. They can't just let things keep going, can they?

wiggiatlarge said...

Not that far from the reality, we have this from the German Greens with a few home truths being told about green electric car policy being totally unworkable.

And of course the same applies to the London mayor for his recent electric car only rulings, aspointed out in the video it is easy to say we go all electric by date x, but a very different proposition is making it work and there is absolutely no detail on any of that.
By that time with our energy supplies in minus mode we will be lucky to boil a kettle never mind charge up millions of electric cars.