Saturday, March 28, 2009


The British Prime Minister has become a desperate man. Whether it be the countless borrowed billions dashed at an economy he has personally supervised in its progress towards ruin; the chainsaw systemic attacks on personal liberty; the arrest of an MP in the House of Commons for the offence of performing his constitutional duty; the tour of foreign countries to "gild o'er" his failures at home; and now the attempt to meddle with the royal succession in order to divert some of his deserved unpopularity onto an institution that gives us continuity with a past he has assiduously sought to obliterate; all combines to show a man floundering, willing to sacrifice all others to maintain his wretched office for a few more miserable years. The Birnam Wood of financial collapse is, however improbably, marching towards Dunsinane; how apt that he should have chosen to domicile his family in Fife.


Henry North London said...

Ah yes but will he be calling anyone a Lily Livered Hoon?

OldSouth said...

Brown's nihilistic arrogance is clearly shown by his attempt to reshape the monarchy, by divorcing it from the Church, tinkering with rules of succession, and needlessly disrupting one of the few stable institutions in British society.

All this, whilst the economic house in burning down around him!

This man has got to go, to be tossed out by the voters.

Sackerson said...

HNL: Ho ho! And I struglle for words apt for Hoon.

OS: Yes, he has become, I fear, malignantly destructive. Some tyrants would rather be remembered for long-lasting major disaster than be forgotten.

Paddington said...

Sackerson - wouldn't it be more appropriate to say the Bretton Woods are marching to Dunsinane?

Sackerson said...

Very apt, P.