Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Some rules for the parasitic management class:

Rule #1: Avoid decisions whose consequences can be traced back to you.

Rule #2: If you have to violate Rule #1, try to make decisions whose outcome cannot be classified as success or failure.

Rule #3: If you have to violate Rule #2, always make the choice which has failed somewhere else. If it succeeds for you, then you are a genius; if it fails, there is no blame.

This is why:

We encourage parents to be 'friends' to their children, then wonder why so many are self-centred lazy brats.

We put more and more responsibility for our children on teachers, but remove the authority to discipline them.

We put more emphasis on how people 'feel' about things than whether they contribute to society.

Companies lay off production workers to 'save money'.

We are measured by almost anything, except real productivity.

We are more concerned about 'effort' and 'hard work' than achievement.


OldSouth said...


Wolfie said...

Merely the short end of a very long "leftie" wedge.

dearieme said...

Oh yes, I loathe that "we are working hard on this..." rubbish. I'd rather someone boasted of working intelligently, or working effectively, or, best of all, I'd love to hear someone boast that "we are reflecting on this".

Paddington said...

As I explained to our university president (a good guy, actually), in an ideal world, professors are paid to think, althoughn precious little of that seems to happen in some disciplines.