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Friday, September 17, 2021

Hey, Zuckerberg? F U !

There were some messages on my answering machine, so I set to answering the calls. I picked up the phone but it was dead.

Funnily, though, some new callers rang, but although I replied it was obvious that none of what I said was getting through to them; they just spoke and ended the call. I had wanted to share a joke in response, offer advice or praise or moral support, but no go.

The telephone company hasn't informed me of any glitsch in the system and I don't know who to speak to. Basically, I'm incommunicado, and I have no idea what caused it or how long this communication block will last.

Have you have a similar experience?

Perhaps you will recall that you or someone you know will have had, if I explain that it's not the telephone I'm talking about: it's Facebook.

Clearly I have sinned, Perhaps it was a joke definition I put on, saying 'dedication' meant 'drone strike'; it's a form of warfare I particualrly despise, especially since they've now developed a sort of multiple-knife-wielding version called the Hellfire AGM-114R9X or 'flying Ginsu' - less likely to cause 'collateral damage' and yet somehow more evil.

But I don't know if it was that. Someone in Mr Zuckerberg's organisation has taken it on themselves to censor me in this Kafkan way; someone who may have been to college but clearly wasted their time, having learned nothing about freedom of expression.

Well, I can do without the cod-philosophy posts and targeted ads, but I do like the animal videos, the beautiful photography from around the world, the news from friends and family... but should I mildly accept this anonymous, high-handed intercept-dictatorship?

Or should I (when I am permitted... if...) instead just contact those I wish to hear from again and ask them to use some other channel; scout my previous interactions for anything I want to copy and save; and simply leave Mr Zuckerberg and his creepy empire?

If you are allowed to speak, I look forward to your advice.

(Posted as a photo to FB 16:05 September 17, 2021. Again oddly, I cannot access my FB 'activity log'. Perhaps a technical error - perhaps not.)

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