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Thursday, March 05, 2020

Salisbury poisonings (Skripal case) and Operation Toxic Dagger

Two years after the kerfuffle over the alleged attempted novichok poison assassination by two Russian agents of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter - a story full of curious anomalies - a detail comes up that could connect the dots in a different way.

The Off-Guardian says that while the two Russian suspects were crashing around seemingly trying hard to draw attention to themselves, there was a major multi-agency military training exercise ongoing, focused on our preparedness for chemical warfare:
  • The person who found them was the most senior nurse in the British Army (likely in the area as part of Toxic Dagger, the British Military’s landmark chemical weapons training exercise which began Feb 20th and ran on until March 12th).
  • The nurse and her family administer “emergency aid” to the two alleged poisoning victims. Neither she nor anyone else on the scene, nor any of the first responders, ever experience any symptoms of nerve agent poisoning. Neither do any of the other people the Skripal’s came into contact with that day.
Is it possible that the Russians, who had travelled to Salisbury on Russian passports, were tacitly permitted to wander about as observers during the exercise?

Were the Skripals somehow part of the exercise, and of a more complex play?

I prefer spooks and their games to be confined to the covers of John Le Carré books.

(For more on Toxic Dagger, see also

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