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Friday, October 18, 2019

Et Tu, Guido? The Boris Deal Is Lipstick On A Crocodile

"Guido Fawkes" on the proposed new deal:

Snap Poll: Public Want The Deal Passing

Important snap poll from YouGov. Top lines:

Excluding ‘don’t knows’, the public want the deal passing by 63% to 37%
A quarter of remain voters, Labour voters and Lib Dems want the deal passing – less than half of each group oppose passing the deal
Only 10% of Leavers and Tories oppose passing the new deal
With an election looming, this should be a huge wake-up call to MPs…

Here's the YouGov poll HEADLINE:

Here's the YouGov poll FULL FACTS:

I comment at Guido's - not sure it'll get past the censor:

"Get it straight: 45% of the general population say they don't yet know enough to decide; 15% are neutral; 17% say it's a good deal, versus 23% saying it's a bad one. So far then, it's a NO."


Well, it's on, now.

1 comment:

Bruce Charlton said...

This was always the script - I called it three years ago - a *last minute* pseudo-deal that actually means remain.

But by now is as obvious as it ever can be that any 'deal' = remain, and only no deal' is a real Brexit. (The kind where we would notice the difference, every one of us, from November 1st and the following weeks.)

The fake-ness is obvious - but will the British (actually, specifcially English and Welsh) people notice? It depends on our quality as people - whether we are sufficiently free from corruption to be able to see the obvious through the propaganda.

Our quality doesn't seem very high; but that is what is being tested here and now.

The people supporting this fake Brexit are revealed for what they are (pro-totalitarian) - which should also have been obvious long before now, but it is at least undeniable now.