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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Globalism: The Final Conflict Looms

The EU is just a model village of globalism. Leaving the EU - not that we've done it yet - is only the very beginning, tough as that was.

Now comes the big fight, against TPP, TiSA, TTIP etc.

"These three agreements solidify the creeping corporate coup d’état along with the final evisceration of national sovereignty. Citizens will be forced to give up control of their destiny and will be stripped of the ability to protect themselves from corporate predators, safeguard the ecosystem and find redress and justice in our now anemic and often dysfunctional democratic institutions. The agreements—filled with jargon, convoluted technical, trade and financial terms, legalese, fine print and obtuse phrasing—can be summed up in two words: corporate enslavement. 

"The TPP removes legislative authority from Congress and the White House on a range of issues. Judicial power is often surrendered to three-person trade tribunals in which only corporations are permitted to sue. Workers, environmental and advocacy groups and labor unions are blocked from seeking redress in the proposed tribunals. The rights of corporations become sacrosanct. The rights of citizens are abolished."

1 comment:

James Higham said...

There's been a fair bit on Twitter about it and the general opinion is that TTP is dead in the water. Hope so.