Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland: the REAL question

If Scotland were an independent country today, should her people vote to give up self-government and be ruled from Westminster?

Your reasons, please.

Now replace "Scotland" and "Westminster" in the above sentence with "Britain" and "Brussels".


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James Higham said...

We'll soon know.

Unknown said...

From the perspective of the Scottish people, yes. Why? Because they have a habit of trashing things, like their own country, for instance. They nearly brought down the UK in 2008. So from the Scottish perspective, if they want us to save their sorry butts, then they should vote to join the UK.

From the perspective of the rUK, but particularly that of the English, no. Why? Because they cost us too much and they've turned this once proud nation into a socialist, multiculturalist pig sty where morals are as short as socialist pay packets are long.

In fact, I think Hadrian's wall should be made far higher.


Fausty said...

Heaven knows why my post was attributed to "unknown"!

A K Haart said...

Excellent. Interesting how arguments can be pared down to to the essentials. Doesn't suit journalists who need to fill space.

Wolfie said...

I just want Scotland to fuck-off now.

Ungrateful shits.

Sackerson said...

Wonder if the EU feels the same way about us.

Wolfie said...

There is a fundamental difference between our relationship with the EU and the UK Union. We are net contributors to the EU financially and all animosity is directed at the legislature and not the people. The Scots have demonstrated extreme prejudice towards the English as a whole while we bankroll their Socialist utopia.