Wednesday, January 06, 2016

What is it with slugs?

Yet again, last night, checking the kitchen before bed, my bare foot steps on something slimy. I have to evict the soggy-cigar thing with kitchen roll and wipe my foot repeatedly.

We now have a bunker-grade triple-glazed back door. How do they get in?


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A K Haart said...

Not only how but why. Motive and opportunity.

My father used to kill garden slugs using shallow plastic pots of beer sunk into the soil. Slugs love beer and drown themselves in it. If possible, a pot of beer by the back door might help.

wiggiatlarge said...

I often wonder at why slugs in very wet weather start "climbing" glazed doors, it could be simply to escape being drowned or they have sampled the watered down beer left out for their demise got drunk and lost their sense of direction, onwards and upwards !

Sackerson said...

AK: If I had a pot of beer by my door...

Wiggia: perhaps they do it because they can, or "because it's there". Transmigrated souls of mountain climbers, or skiers?