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Sunday, November 22, 2015


We live like kings and queens.

The house is warming as we wake. The bed is soft and clean, free of lice and fleas. Touch a button and the finest musicians play in our chamber as a pink dawn brightens the cold eastern sky. We read news from around the world, gathered overnight and printed three days' ride away, while drinking tea from India and China (six months by sail). Rising, we wash in heated water, dress in freshly laundered clothes and breakfast on plentiful hot food that needs no spice to mask rottenness.

And all without a single servant to scold.


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A K Haart said...

"And all without a single servant to scold."

Perhaps there is an app for that.

Sackerson said...

JD says: "And all without a single servant to scold."
You sound almost wistful....... :)