Sunday, March 02, 2014

A bit rich: Richard D Hall's conspiracy club

It took two passes through Alvechurch to find; Google Maps can be a bit approximate. Having wedged the car into sort of a parking space, I went up the stairs of the Sports and Social just in time, showing my email ticket to the girl, who stood at the door with the man himself. He gave me an appraising glance: maybe I didn't quite look like his typical audience, some hundred of whom were already settled with their pints and partners.

My phone lit up with a new text. My friend, who'd long recommended Rich Hall's website to me, had come down with pneumonia again. I stood at the bar, which was already out of Banks' and the alternative ale, but still had mild on tap.

The lights dimmed, and off we went on a wild ride through conspiracy country.

There was more than met the eye about numerous killing-spree cases, including that of Derrick Bird, a balding 52-year-old man described by one eyewitness as in his twenties and with short, spiky black hair, whose taxi had its roof bar both on and off at different points in the day, and who was allegedly captured on CCTV the second time past the cab rank in Whitehaven when in his car, but (for some unexplained reason) not the first time a few minutes earlier, when the gunman had stepped out of the vehicle with his shotgun and would have been more easily identifiable.

The 7/7 bombers were innocent.

9/11 didn't happen the way they say. Flight 175, a Boeing 767, could not have been travelling at 500+ mph at that low altitude, and the steel construction of the South Tower was too strong to be penetrated by an airliner; though a cruise missile could have done it, perhaps disguised in some outer shell or hologram.

As to the last, yes, aircraft can fly faster in higher, thinner air, but according to this internet forum there is a difference between the maximum permissible speed and the maximum possible physical speed. Hall's own computerised flight path reconstruction shows the craft descending, then levelling out before impact; parts of the same internet discussion suggest that the appearance of its still being under pilot control might be given by its safety program, which automatically lifts the nose when the speed limit is exceeded. Also, even if the steel skeleton of the tower was impenetrable, the windows and cladding weren't, and thousands of gallons of volatile, burning aviation fuel travelling at half a thousand miles an hour would be quite sufficient to make a bomblike explosion.

And yet...

It was no news to the audience, or to me, that the mainstream media lie, distract and trivialise, and that the alternative media are now infested with shills, spooks and trolls; that we are in an era of competitive empire-building and the largely muslim Middle East has been targeted for systematic destabilisation.

It was also no surprise that the entertainment media have a socially disruptive tendency, endlessly picturing family squabbling and breakups as the norm. Nor that one group is set against another, as for example in the case of benefit claimants - Hall showed a snap of the Channel 5 poster that asked unemployed locals for their views, which merely suckered the volunteers: this is not the first time that I have seen the media invite people to dine without letting them know that they were on the menu. American lawyers and police confirm that you should say nothing to police, even if (especially if) you're innocent; that also goes for the apparently sympathetic interviewers for TV and radio.

Well, since my friend wasn't there and I had to work next day, I left at the nine o'clock break to catch BBC1's Question Time, another heavily steered program (told by the ever-garrulous David Dimbleby to hurry her answer, Melanie Phillips retorted that he only wanted her to come to his conclusion).

Yes, if not exactly comfortable with it, at least I'm used to the idea that we're continually lied to and bamboozled, made giddy and daft. We now have the documentary evidence that Ted Heath knowingly misled the nation about the constitutional implications of the 1972 Common Market vote; Julian Assange is still holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy so that he can't be extradited by a vengeful American government furious at, not his lies, but his revelation of inconvenient truths; Edward Snowden voluntarily kissed his successful life goodbye in order to unveil the creepy surveillance of the people by over-resourced spying organisations.

There is organised evil abroad. I just wish Richard Hall wouldn't over-egg his pudding.


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James Higham said...

It was no news to the audience, or to me, that the mainstream media lie, distract and trivialise

No, as I always write - they tell the gospel truth the whole time and will all get to heaven.

Paddington said...

That would have been to hard on my blood pressure. For the record, I talked with someone who was there in the Pentagon when it was hit, and he assured me that it was quite real.

Wolfie said...

I wrote at length on my blog about how potty conspiracy theorists are undermining those confronting genuine conspiracies, many of which lie in plain sight unchallenged in our docile world.

The reaction was somewhat depressing.

While I am in favour of democracy I do like to remind people that the Greeks only permitted the aristocracy and the plutocrats a vote knowing full well that the populace could not be trusted with the future of the republic.

We are damned.

Sackerson said...

Wolfie: you've opened a big issue there. How to structure a non-democratic society that runs largely for the benefit of all?

Formerly we didn't have the franchise, but there were the mutual obligations of feudalism; and the Church, which at its best (in a secular sense) was the NHS and Welfare State of its time, plus also governed the consciences of many of the rich and powerful.

Without the (flawed) voting system we have today, how would we restrain the rich and powerful now? See how hard they work to game the voting system and pull its teeth; that must tell us something.

Unknown said...

It is quite fantastic the thought that the world is not as it seems...given examples of how governments manipulate the media both before and during war time we cannot expect that they suddenly stop at the end of hostilities. Should we be surprised to know that the powerful few in the world trade with governments and presidents in order to gain an advantage? Given that the military is the key to being right should we question that the US has opened up over seven hundred new bases around the world since 9/11. As the American Native Indians observed, "white man speak with forked tongue". Richard D Hall has the balls to emerge from the crowd and put himself up to be shot at or ridiculed... This is a strength of character that few possess. He wasn't a broadcaster but an electrical engineer who had questions that he wanted answers to. Astronaut Ed Mitchell who has openly declared that there are alien bases on the moon should be on the front page of every newspaper but instead we still laugh at the prospect that UFO's exist. Why? You tell me! I applaud Richard D Hall for trying to bring some light into some very dark and murky places. He has been driven off Sky so he is now marginalised having to try to gain exposure for subjects that should be on everyone's list of questions. He may over egg a pudding or two but I refuse to criticize people who are prepare to question and speak out against the herd... When good people stand by and do nothing for fear of ridicule it always ends in tears when it's their turn to be picked on... Keep those questions coming and have the courage to see through the thin veil of media 'truths' ... Great blog... Keep them coming!