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Sunday, February 09, 2014

A letter to Mr Christopher Booker

Dear Mr Booker

I read your latest piece on the origins of the EU (“The 100-year plot”, 8 February) with interest and would like your opinion on the implications of the English Constitution for the UK’s membership.

Some months ago, I ran a series of posts by a man called Albert Burgess, who claims that Ted Heath and others (some still alive today) knowingly and surreptitiously committed treason in 1972 (and later acts) by surrendering our national sovereignty without the public’s informed consent. Burgess is therefore pursuing the matter using the criminal justice system, and he and his colleagues have reported the alleged crimes to police stations around the country, obtaining crime numbers and pressing the police to investigate further.

A vital element of his argument is that that in choosing to change how we are to be governed, the English people, as Commons, must give their assent with their own voice and not merely via elected representatives. Yet we have never had a referendum on the fundamental issue.

If Burgess’ reasoning is correct – and I find his logic and history persuasive – then since the appropriate consent has never been obtained, surely this must mean that all acts of the British Government and Parliament implying surrender of sovereignty in any degree, are in that respect ultra vires and so have no force or effect . So rather than arguing for exit from the EU, we should be saying that we are not in it now, and we are ready to listen – skeptically, but politely - to arguments for our joining.

What do you think?

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A K Haart said...

I hope you receive a reply - could be interesting.

JohnPD said...

May I suggest you take a look at this video on youtube:

Brian Gerrish The secret political agenda. 2 hrs 29 mins,& well worth it.

Wherein he discusses, amongst much else, the unlawful & treasonous Lisbon Treaty, & the legal resistance to it via the British Constitution Group & the Lawful Rebellion Group.

Hope this helps.

JohnPD said...

Brian runs the excellent news site:



Sackerson said...

Thank you, JD. Now opposition to the EU's ambitions have brought together groups that otherwise would be sharply opposed to each other. Can you tell me where UK Column stands in relation to racism and anti-semitism?