Thursday, January 29, 2009

Preparing for the Abolition of Freedom in the USA

How many Americans are aware of this?:-

Establishing Martial Law in the United States

(htp: Global Research; referred to me by Paddington)

UPDATE: see this from Jesse re New Hampshire's Resolution HCR 6! Freedom is in the air again!


hatfield girl said...

I'm pretty sure the Constitution of the United States is robust enough and flexible enough to see this kind of Executive wishful thinking off in no time should any president be foolish and wicked enough to try using this kind of regulation.

Sadly we do not have a Constitution. They don't even have to lay orders and instruments, never mind pass laws, and beyond hope they try to subvert a constitution, to do precisely as they choose.

Anonymous said...

Quite a number of us watch the feds - because we don't trust them anymore than our forefathers trusted King George and his Redcoats.

By the way, there's a reason why we Americans have guns in such large numbers: to prevent EXACTLY this type of scenario.

Let's run some facts and figures: 2 million in the armed forces plus maybe 500 thousand in the police forces. NOT ALL OF WHOM WILL OBEY ORDERS TO KILL THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS. OK, now compare and contrast to roughly 90 million Americans owning some 250-300 million guns. Oh, and among that 90 million is a sizeable number of veterans with intimate knowledge of a multitude of different weapons (including the modern military-issue ones like Stinger missiles, anti-tank weapons, tanks and helicopter gunships, some of which will undoubtedly be captured OR PURCHASED from members of the military on the right side), small unit tactics and explosives (again, some will be either made or captured), and some 15 million licensed hunters (most of whom can hit dinner-plate-sized targets at 500 yards with little trouble).

Methinks that any force trying to take over the US would be eaten alive rather quickly. Oh, and don't give me the old "how are you going to fight an Abrams tank with a rifle?" bit. Marshall Tito was asked the same question about the then-new German Panzers while he controlled most Yugoslav partisans. His response: "When the Germans inside those new Panzers get out to take a piss, then my partisans with their old rifles will kill them."

P.S. I'm from Texas. There are upwards of 50 million guns here, and we have PLENTY of practice using them. China and India could simultaneously invade and we'd bleed them to death.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we're no better off here in the UK. We have the Civil Contingencies Act (2004). Pretty much the same. Allows the govt to declare an 'emergency' on very flimsy grounds. Once emergency declared, Habeas Corpus no longer applies, nor the law limiting Parliaments to 5 years maximim. Only Human Rights act of 1998 still remains.

Strange (though not if you believe in the conspiracy theory of life) that the US and UK should pass such draconian laws within 2 years of each other.

Paddington said...

The slightly good news:

1. The Armed Forces and Reserves are depleted and exhausted from Iraq.

2. Their equipment is mostly worn out from Iraq.

3. They are underpaid, and the money is running out.

Anonymous said...

If these legally trained killers are underpaid an the money is running out, does that not in fact make them even more dangerous???

Sackerson said...

Thank you, all commenters. I think HG has put her finger on a key difference - the Constitution, which means elections can't be abolished/deferred as Sobers says they can in the UK, a particularly worrying provision that I wasn't aware of.

Texan: as a government-declawed Brit, I'm not much of a gunslinger, but I think Americans' attitude to freedom is at as powerful a defence as their handguns.

Anonymous said...

"Texan: as a government-declawed Brit, I'm not much of a gunslinger, but I think Americans' attitude to freedom is at as powerful a defence as their handguns."

Something that most people on your side of the pond are not aware of is the absolute rocketing demand for guns and ammo since about mid-September. Guns and related accessories are up 40%, and ammo is as well...if you can find it. I am quite sure that none of those buying in the last 4 months did so with the intention of simply handing over the items in question.

P.S. A gun industry group half-seriously named Obama as its "Saleman of the Year." What does that tell you? It tells me that people are very scared, but not paralyzed. Just like Obama's "stimulus" package (really a pork package) is running into resistance as its provisions become better known, so will any plans to declare martial law (though the opposition will be of a VERY different character). We Americans have many, many more sheepdogs than other countries, and far fewer sheep.

AntiCitizenOne said...

American Soldiers also swear allegiance to the constitution, not the president.

Phelps said...

If we were just buying guns and ammo, like under Clinton, it would be just another Democrat as POTUS. We aren't.

We are also buying body armor, first aid kits, and non-perishable food. People aren't just buying ammunition -- they are buying stripper clips, magazines and bandoleers.

This time, it is serious.

Sackerson said...

Golly, Phelps, I can't help wondering why. Obama doesn't seem worse (and I think is a bit smarter) than several recent POTUSes. Is there some other factor, e.g. fear of social breakdown post-crunch?

Anonymous said...

Sackerson, Obama may be more eloquent than recent Presidents (esp. the last on), but raw intelligence has nothing whatsoever to do with one's desire to rule others. Hitler was undoubtedly quite intelligent, and many who resisted him less so, but the important thing is morality/worldview. Say what you will about the Republicans, but they at least tolerate criticism. The Dems are single-minded in their desire to get rid of effective dissent, and will undoubtedly make an attempt to re-impose the "Fairness Doctrine" so as to shut up radio talk show hosts that disagree with them. That, combined with their perverse obsession with banning guns (except for the government, of course) whenever possible is just plain scary.

However improbable, one must be prepared for any eventuality. Do I really think that Obama will open concentration (oh, excuse, me, re-education) camps? Probably not. But if you polled German Jews in 1929 I'd bet that virtually none expected Hitler, let alone expected to be gassed en mass and cremated within 15 years.

Oh, keep in mind that Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, has been quoted as saying that those in power should never let the opportunity presented by a crisis for taking otherwise unacceptable actions pass by. WTF does THAT mean? I don't know exactly, but it doesn't exactly give me a reassuring feeling about my nation.

I don't TRUST any of these jokers.