Saturday, November 01, 2014

The politicians' clock

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Ed Miliband on abolishing the House of Lords:

"It's time to reform the way we're governed, it's time every part of our country had a voice at the heart of our politics, it's time to have a senate of the nations and regions which serves our whole country so that we can truly build a Britain that works for all and not just for some."

Where do politicians get their sense of time?

And how will this (latest) enormous change to the Constitution be decided? By a Parliamentary committee? On a whim of the Prime Minister - as with the attempted abolition of the Lord Chancellor? By Order in Council?

Whose country is it, anyway?


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James Higham said...

I really will have to stop shaking the head from side to side and covering the face - will do myself an injury - but really, where does this clown get off?

Wildgoose said...

"Nations and Regions" - that's Gordon Brown's stock phrase for the "Nations" (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and the "Regions" (England, but never named).

Their contempt for England and the English shows through everything they say and do. Utter scum.