Thursday, November 20, 2014

Morning jumble: fatties and druggies

Cost of obesity 'greater than war, violence and terrorism' - Daily Telegraph.

Suggested eye-catching initiatives:

- minimum pricing for pizzas
- every chip should bear a laser-printed health warning

Little people, behave yourselves.

They should have only organic chicken breast and estate-bottled Chablis, like us.

Does the Prime Minister take "sugar"? Did he ever? Boris the Punter's Friend did. Somebody in Westminster still does. Hooray for the New Cocalition!

Let's draw a little white line under this and move on...

If I don't see you down Annie's Bar, I'll be in the Westminster Arms. Cheers!


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Mad Numismatist said...

Couple of years ago a good friend told me he did not want to visit us because he was embarrassed about his weight; some 20+ stone. I said if it was such a problem, he should do something about it i.e. score some ecstasy and go on a binge.
After all, X was invented as an appetite suppressant in the early 1900’s is very safe, easy to get hold of, cheap and great fun.
He did not take my advice, and at ripe old age of 40 had a heart event, which put him in a Spanish hospital for months and cost him well over E100,000.
Not sure if the X would have also triggered the heart event but rest assured, if I get up to 20 stone, I will follow my advice and let you know if I survive.

Sackerson said...

JD comments by email:

Saw the story in the papers the other day and just rolled my eyes and sighed and moved on.

Then I saw your post and the photo with it; this painting called "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping" by Lucian Freud would be more appropriate :)