Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ur-language: "Managers"

Researchers at the E207 Caucasian cave complex, the world's oldest continuously-inhabited site, believe they have deciphered another part of the ancient wall-scratchings in Cave Six.

It has already been established that the Ur-word ancestor of the Chinese word "ma" (no) and Italian/French "ma/mais" (but) is "man", a generalised negative. More difficult, but extremely exciting, are the pictograms that appear to represent abstracts, including the one that is tentatively rendered as "thought" or "reflection".

It is now theorised that the Ur-etymology of "manager" is "man" (not) + "ager" (much idea).


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A K Haart said...

Another theory is that the Ur-word for "spear" is closer to our word "pole".

Further conjecture suggests that the vertical depiction of these "poles" in a number of pictograms is best translated as "greasy pole".