Sunday, June 30, 2013

Who is the Mail's "David Rose"?

UPDATE (3 June): It's NOT Hari:


Yet another excited boost for critics of the climate change lobby in the Mail on Sunday today, by David Rose, who sees our economic salvation in near-limitless shale gas and lambasts green ninnies and nimbies.

He may be right. But does he exist?

I can't find this "David Rose" on Twitter - it's not the deputy news editor by that name:

- or on Facebook.

Debate on his existence has swirled about the internet for at least a couple of years - in 2011 "Jack of Kent" seemed to be speculating that it might be Johann Hari in disguise.

He appears to have phoned cannabis legalisation campaigner Peter Reynolds last year, who includes this photo of him:

- which seems to have been taken by someone at the Guardian, if you look at the photo credit here.
And it looks like the David Rose in this video, interviewing Binyam Mohammed in (I think) 2009.
Yet he seems so elusive that I still suspect this climate-sceptic "David Rose" to be a dummy, a byline for thirdhand material from undisclosed sources that the Mail wants to put in as propaganda and disinformation.
A shame, because there's proper debate to be had. If you really exist, Mr Daily Mail Science Writer David Rose, please do step forward out of the shadows.

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A K Haart said...

Hmm... David Rose is an anagram of Ed Advisor.

Sackerson said...

Interesting. I can't think up any better anagram.