Sunday, July 12, 2009


Lots of people now muttering darkly. But if we think we know what They are up to, and think we can't thwart Them, there should be some way to exploit the situation. For example, if They are manipulating the price of gold to keep it down for as long as possible, then surely it's a great time to buy it before They run out of possible.

Can't we do better than call vainly for somebody to restore justice to the world? Because that's the one thing that won't happen.

So, any ideas?

For example, what to do about the New World Order coinage unveiled by Medvedev the other day?

If you have a son or daughter, would you advise him/her to join GS and their ilk? Or McKinsey? Or emigrate?

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Nick Drew said...

emigration isn't something I understand

but GS / McKinsey ? one always benefits from working with the very best (if you can hack it): and institutions with critical mass of excellence in any virtue are very special

(I can speak about a couple from experience)

I'd say Yes - provided you can keep your integrity. This means being on guard, strong nerve, and a fallback plan in case you need to take a stand, or quit (again, from experience)