Sunday, June 21, 2009

A samizdat on Europe

How many Internet users in the UK, with their own printer at home or permitted some private use at work?

So, never mind the Lisbon Treaty, that sly strategy to get us into the bedroom on some basis other than the consummation of marriage? Is it not time to seek democratic legitimation of the UK's membership of the EU per se?

Why can we not design and post up a form - a petitition for a referendum, for printing-off and taking round for signing by work colleagues, friends and neighbours? With a request that everyone follows suit - downloads, prints, distributes and posts into a central address?

Or even an unofficial, but fairly-worded referendum itself?

Or are we indeed "entering a post-democratic age?"


Paddington said...

Perhaps try it on twitter?

Sackerson said...

How do you do that? I know b-all about Twitter.

Paddington said...

You apparently sign up for an account using your mobile phone. It has the advantage of being limited to 140 characters, for our impatient generation.