Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Call out the instigator

We are in one of those “generational revolutions” that Jefferson said were as important as anything else to the proper functioning of our democracy. We can no longer pretend that our collective behavior as a nation for the past 25 years has been worthy of us as a people.

I suggest you read this op-ed piece in the NYT (htp: Jesse). Revolution is in the air - here, too. That's why we need radical reform, instead.


James Higham said...

Watch the EU.

Paddington said...

A good article from the NYT. A couple of points on their analysis:

1. While I like the idea of putting the executives on the hook for 10 years, it will never work. They would put the blame on someone else, or skip the country.

2. The clever prosecutor that they refer to could have been Elliot Spitzer, who was going after the big money men. Unfortunately, he had a weakness, and is now out of the picture (conspiracy?)

As for our current mess, I can not do better than quote Michael Crichton in 'Rising Sun': "We (Americans) fix the blame, Japanese fix the problem. Their way is better."

As an inside observer of the US for 31 years, I will give my opinion that there is a deep undercurrent here that everything which happens has a reason. It's why the country is so religious. Elsewhere, there is the idea of 'kismet' (some things just happen). Because of that, we are encouraged to trust that people who earn incredible amounts of money 'deserve it' more than us mortals. That's why they keep throwing money at the rich. That, and the inherent curruption in our system.