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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Challenges to Trump: what do the stars foretell? - by "Twilight"

Sackerson has suggested that I contribute a post which might "test" astrology, perhaps in relation to remarks of J.H. Kunstler in a piece here http://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/he-is-risen-but-for-how-long/ :

"If the first forty-eight hours are any measure of the alleged Trumptopia-to-come, the leading man in this national melodrama appears to be meshuga. A more charitable view might be that his behavior does not comport with the job description: president. If he keeps it up, I stick to my call that we will see him removed by extraordinary action within a few months. It might be a lawful continuity-of-government procedure according to the 25th Amendment — various high officials declaring him “incapacitated” — or it might be a straight-up old school coup d’état (“You’re fired”).

"I believe the trigger for that may be an overwhelming financial crisis in the early second quarter of the year."

DONALD TRUMP was born in Jamaica, Queens, New York on 14 June 1946 at 10.54 AM. Below is his natal chart.

Donald Trump's natal chart, by "Twilight" 

A brief run-down of personality characteristics indicated by his natal chart:

Positions of Sun, Moon and rising sign (sign coming over horizon at exact time of birth) are the "big three" items thought by astrologers to reflect most clearly in the native's personality. Trump's Sun (core self) in Gemini - the most communicative and one of the most flexible signs of the zodiac, perhaps reflects his love of Tweeting and generally making his opinions widely known. Conjunct (within a few degrees of) his Sun is Uranus, planet known for the unexpected, eccentricity, and change.

Trump's Moon (inner self) was in Sagittarius, sign known for exaggeration, expansiveness, publication, among other things. That's a good fit!

Rising sign was Leo, and at 29 degrees where we also find Royal Fixed Star Regulus. This is the part of his chart that first impressed me as a sign that, though my brain was telling me he couldn't, and wouldn't ever be President of the USA - he darn well could be and would have leadership essentials to be such, according to his chart. I pushed the thought away, deciding that this could be simply a reflection of successes he had already realised. I should mention here that Mars sits just 3 degrees from his rising degree, and Mars reflects dynamism and aggressive tendencies.

So, we have Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo - I'm keeping this down to absolute basics, these three are underpinnings to his personality: communication, over-expansiveness, leadership potential.

There's something more to mention to fill out the picture: Mercury, Saturn and Venus are all in Cancer.

Cancer has a very different flavour from the signs already mentioned. Cancer (symbol is the crab) is, first and foremost ultra-sensitive; also home and family loving, tends to withdraw when threatened. We've seen Trump's sensitivity to criticism many times. He draws on that natal Mars on his ascendant sign, combined with Gemini Sun's communication skills, exaggerated by Sagittarius Moon, to produce his frequent counter-punches when attacked. Deep inside, though, he will be feeling genuinely hurt. He will, I'm confident in saying, be a quite, quite different guy at home surrounded by family, than the one he presents to his voters and opponents.

There's lots more in the chart, via aspects and cycles, but the above elements are key.

Since 1946, the year Trump was born, the planets have been moving along in their respective orbits at varying speeds; faster moving planets will have frequently joined Trump's natal planets - this isn't particularly significant; but the slower-moving outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto when they, in course of their transits, meet up with a Trump natal planet, they sit close to it for much longer periods, and that is what needs to be noted if a prediction of near future events is required.

In this case Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are going to be the planetary transits most involved.

Saturn, planet of restriction and limitation, in its transit, was exactly conjunct Trump's natal Moon from late December 2016 to early January this year, signifying some inner feelings of tension no doubt, during the time up to inauguration day. Saturn is slowly moving away now, degree by degree. However, come this summer Saturn will appear to backtrack (retrograde) and "hit" his Moon again, and from late June to October it'll be within a few degrees of his Moon again. So there's more extra tension to come. Exactly what form it will take can't be known, perhaps it's the financial crisis expected by Mr Kunstler. Will it be enough to bring on the "coup" event Mr Kunstler mentioned?

Uranus, planet of change and the unexpected, currently sits at around 20 to 21 Aries, will travel from there to the end of that sign between now and May 2018, with a retrograde motion or two. Though transiting Uranus is currently in friendly aspect (angle) to Trump's Sun and Moon, it's also in challenging angle to Venus and Saturn in Cancer - possibly a reflection of the arguments about his conflicting business and presidential interests.

Pluto is transiting the mid-to-late teens of Capricorn right now, and will until around this time next year. Pluto represents needed transformations preceded by some chaos and difficult times. While Pluto will not be conjoining any of Trump's natal planets in the near future, it will be in awkward aspect (at a significantly challenging angle) to some of them, namely Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Gemini and later even his Sun in Gemini - at times later on this year and next year.

One doesn't need to be an astrologer to foresee what astrology is telling us - i.e. that there are tough times and challenges ahead for the new President. Whether these times will be tough enough for J.H. Kunstler's prediction to be fulfilled is another matter. Personally, I doubt it.

Another way to investigate this would be to look at the Vice-President's chart, for he would become President should any kind of "coup" occur. A very quick look - it has to be a 12 noon chart because Pence's exact time of birth isn't known.

MIKE PENCE was born on 7 June 1959 in Columbus, Indiana. Time of birth unknown. Chart set for 12 noon.

Mike Pence's  natal chart (approximation), by "Twilight"

Moon position and rising sign will not be as shown here as time of birth isn't known. Moon could have been either in late Gemini or early Cancer - impossible to guess which. It's interesting that Trump chose a fellow-Gemini as his VP. Pence, though, is a very different Gemini-type. He doesn't have Uranus conjunct his Sun for a start, though Uranus is in a friendly angle to it, he's not averse to change, just not an innate change-maker. Pence is a very smooth communicator, as was shown during the VP's debate when his skills in that area were undeniable contrasted with Clinton's VP, Tim Kaine's bluster.

Pluto will be (and has already been) at a similarly challenging angle to Pence's Sun , 16 Gemini and to his Mercury (planet of communication) at 21 Gemini as to Trump's Sun and Uranus. They'll both be dealing with multiple challenges from "We the People" as well as their peers in congress . What affects one will affect t'other, whether in dealing with every day difficulties, or, I guess, even via one taking over the position of the other.

But, in general, from the information here, I do not see any clear indication of future significant change of actual career status or position for Mike Pence.

Sackerson comments: "Faites vos jeux, Mesdames et Messieurs." Let us see how the chips fall. 

Many thanks to Twilight, whose blog can be found here: http://twilightstarsong.blogspot.co.uk/


Paddington said...

Abstract from a study published in The Society for Scientific Exploration:

Six expert astrologers independently attempted to match 23 astrological birth charts to the corresponding case files of 4 male and 19 female volunteers. Case files contained information on the volunteers' life histories, full-face and profile photographs, and test profiles from the Strong-Campbell Vocational Interest Blank and the Cattrell 16-P.F. Personality Inventory. Astrologers did no better than chance or than a non-astrologer control subject at matching the birth charts to the personal data; this result was independent of astrologers' confidence ratings for their predicted matches. Astrologers also failed to agree with one another's predictions.

A Scientific Inquiry Into the Validity of Astrology
Psychology Department, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47401

........ said...

I'd tend to look more at the ingress charts for Washington, DC for both the election year, and this year, at least if I were curious about the effect on the nation.

Just a thought.

Twilight said...

Paddington .....Yes, I'm aware of that, and of other "tests" which "experts" have devised to try to prove that astrology has no validity. I feel it's sensible to keep an open mind on the subject. I will not argue on this - it's pretty much lost cause when other minds are determined to remain closed. Doing one's own tests is a better way to go for anyone with a genuine interest and open mind.