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Monday, November 28, 2016

Blair & Co. - A Modest Proposal 

I don't know who is more out of touch with reality: we who hope that the leaders of our various nations actually know what's going on and how to make the best of it, or those among them who think they do.

But some of them come back after their fantasy performance and want to do more. Mr Blair was the Saviour of Britain, then the Conquering Sword in the Middle East, then tried to be made President of Europania, then appointed himself Peacemaker in the Middle East, and now the Elder Statesman of the Labour Party and Last Hope of the Remainers.

He needs help.

Perhaps, instead of impeaching him or trying him at the Hague (together with George W Bush and a raft of other warmongers and war profiteers), we need to make him - and other deluded Great Leaders - a little faux-world fit for their view of it and themselves.

Private enterprise, bless it, shows us the way:

"For those who have forgotten who they are. For those who no longer count time. For those to whom love and care is all that matters. Dementia Village Advisors creates custom living environments for elderly people with dementia. No big anonymous buildings, but instead manageable and pleasant residential areas. Where it is comfortable for everyone to live. Where residents feel safe at home. Where they enjoy living out their final days, connected with family, caregivers and healthcare providers. Where they can enjoy the precious life they were used to and still want to lead."

Patients gather in the Day Room

No more the grandiose Presidential palaces of Romania, Iraq, Turkey and so on - so often torn apart by foreign military bombardment and domestic insurgents. Instead, securely walled simulacra of Downing Street, EU buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg, the UN, Bohemian Grove etc. Safer, more luxurious, more soothing than the East German elite's compound at Waldsiedlung. And even with the best furnishings, food, wines and chauffeured limousines to nowhere, far less costly than the harm they would do to the world if allowed to wander about it.

I'm thinking crowdfunding - any better suggestions?


barnacle bill said...

St. Kilda has a vacancy or two for a resident hermit.

Crowd funding would be a lot cheaper, fuel for the boat trip and just to show there's no hard feelings a month's worth of tinned food. Of course the tin opener would be forgotten.

Sackerson said...

Hi, BB - your comment reminds me of this fro Punch:

A K Haart said...

We may need to think in terms of virtual reality. A padded room and a headset may be all that is required.

Paddington said...

They did close to this with some dictator (Portugal perhaps?). He had a stroke and was unable to do his job, so they kept him in his room, and brought completely irrelevant papers to sign for years until he died.

Sackerson said...

@Paddington - let us know when you find out who!

Paddington said...

James Higham said...

Tyburn Hill.