Saturday, October 29, 2016

US stock market PANIC as FBI investigates Clinton!

What's the difference between the MSM and a bucket of horse puckey?

- The bucket.


Paddington said...

Some comments:

1. Less than a 1% drop doesn't seem that big.
2. The FBI didn't reopen the case, as it was never closed.
3. The emails in question turned out to be neither from, nor to, Hillary Clinton.
4. There is now a move to go after the FBI director for interference in an election.

Sackerson said...

1/ That was my point.
2/ It had seemed to be shut down.
3/ About?
4/ Move by?

Paddington said...

3/ No-one knows, as he stated they haven't been examined yet.
4/ Someone from Bush's Justice Department has filed against Comey.

Paddington said...

4/ Richard W. Painter, the Ethics lawyer for G.W.Bush