Saturday, August 13, 2016

Reading 2 weeks of the Daily Mail, so you don't have to

Back off a fortnight's hols last weekend, and a pile of newspapers kept for us at the agent's. We keep the crosswords and I thought I'd see which stories still looked worth reading. Here's my digest:

Psychoanalysis that aims to gets results fast: ... the Guardian tried it, too -

A pill that might cure asthma:

Can't find the DM link just now, but it's where I found the following item. Labour voters were even more definitely for "Leave" than Conservatives:

Can you know when you're lucky? - - which reminds me of a very old news item about a man who shook a Royal's hand, reckoned it was his lucky day and did the football pools - only one line, though he was entitled to several - writing above it "winning line" - which it was, "big-time". The company was understandably suspicious and investigated, but it was genuine.

Trump, the Mafia and his vengefulness: - having said that, the Clintons have previously been described by "a Beltway insider" as "retributive" and there are some very nasty rumours about what happens if you cross them. Here's one recent one:

The 5p "nudge" succeeded hugely in reducing unnecessary plastic bag use:

How the introduction of easy credit via cards 50 years ago tempted and stuffed the British consumer:

And one non-DM story off the internet that I didn't expect - Icelandic horses walk differently (and now we know why): - possibly related to the Vikings:

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