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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Referendum: 3 for 3?

The Establishment's general strategy is to offer you an opportunity and then do their damnedest to make sure you don't take it.

2011 - Labour and Conservative parties unite to oppose the LibDems' push for the Alternative Vote, which if introduced would have meant that all MPs would have to be validated at a General Election by at least half of the votes cast in their constituency. As it is, in the last two GEs two-thirds of MPs got their seats in Parliament on the basis of a minority vote.

2014 - Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties unite to oppose Scottish independence. [Oddly, freedom-loving Scots seem both to oppose Brexit and to desire for themselves some strange version of independence that is - how? - consistent with membership of Monnet's "ever-closer union".]

2016 - Labour and Liberal parties, together with the Conservatives ex John Major's "bastards", unite to oppose British exit from the EU supranational government.

I keep saying it (and recently I have been seeing others saying something similar), we are seeing the construction of a new Habsburg empire. It suits politicians and businesspeople at a high level...

... plus much of the Fourth Estate (some for idealistic alle-menschen-werden-brueder aspirations) that is prepared to wear their livery. [I'll never forget how Jon Snow allowed Alastair Campbell to march in and take over his news programme.]

They wine, dine and recline with each other. They will intermarry until they begin to look different from the rest of us; perhaps not the Habsburg chin, but the opaque blue eyes of a Blair?

Yet the new European empire is ruinously undermined from the start, because the multinational corporations are even bigger. The status quo is rolling downhill out of control, without brakes or steering. There is no keeping things as they are; the question is whether anyone will try to get a grip.

If - and it's very iffy - this Referendum decides for Leave, and if - and it's very iffy - Parliament then decides to approve the decision, we will have taken only the first step in a long march.

The alternative is to watch matters progress to the point where the much of the world's social and economic system simply breaks down altogether and the wealthy Modern Mayans discover that even their own existence depended on a functioning society.

Seeing much of the writing and comments on social media, I'm not in favour of direct democracy - many people look as though they're not fit to be allowed out on their own, let alone vote - but if the national government of the day goes too far then under the present system the people can collectively vote them out. The EU structure above is an oligarch's dream and represents a final rolling-back of 200 years of widening enfranchisement.

Two centuries ago, most people in Britain couldn't vote, but they could riot. In bad times, they broke windows in Whitehall; in good, they unhitched the Prime Minister's horses and pulled his coach themselves.

Now, exhaustively spied upon and with super-powerful police and military to corral them, the people may commit only such disorder as the Establishment thinks fit to permit in order to justify oppressing them even more severely afterwards.

This vote matters, and it could be the last one that does.


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A K Haart said...

Well said. You are right - the EU is an oligarch's dream.

wiggiatlarge said...

So true, and never forget as is beginning to show in many areas, you cannot have uncontrolled mass immigration AND welfare the numbers simply can never stack up, unless of course you follow the Swedish model where over 80% of welfare is now spent on migrants.

Of course democracy in this country is a shrinking ideal, if we stay in the EU how can we justify voting for people whos decreasing powers make them ever more subservient to an unelected EU heirachy.

Camerons repeated "it will never happen" is just so much hot air and bluster our influence and vetoing power is diminishing by the year and has no plausible effect anyhow and will never be allowed to.

The real hope is the EU will simply collapse as a failure that it is but that will not be allowed to happen until they have bankrupted us all, and changed all the nation states into something that does not bear thinking about.
That will be the only way the EU will end as the status quo for all the populations will increase as those who knew another world pre EU die away.

Sackerson said...

I am beginning to worry that the reckless expansionism of the EU may provoke military conflict with Russia. Also the "sad-monetarism" of the ECB may drive the Greeks into the Russians' arms - remember there is already a longstanding wedge of Communist sympathisers in Greece. This time Britain might keep out of the Great Game - as long as our soldiers are not put in the van of the new EU Army.