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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Should Labour MPs be selected, rather than deselected?

If the Blairites* among Corbyn's grumblers don't like him, they needn't whinge about "bullying" or wait for deselection (which Corbyn opposes) - they can do the honourable thing and resubmit themselves to their constituency Labour Party and the local membership, against anyone else who wishes to be considered for the job. In fact, it'd be nice if all Parties could ditch the parachutees approach.

Even Peter Oborne has respect for Corbyn - see his piece today.

The problem is not Corbyn being out of touch with the suited gonks on his side of the House, it's the fact that Labour MPs are so much out of touch with their electors that the latter preferred Corbyn to the Bugginses who wanted their turn at leading The Machine.

Will Straw has proposed a system of local primaries to choose Parliamentary candidates:

Time to do it?


* What do they stand for? What is Blairism? What are Blair's lasting achievements? Why does Cameron regularly consult Blair? Why doesn't the latter simply dry up and blow away, instead of reappearing from time to time like some persistent undead?


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wiggiatlarge said...

Reading the link it has good points, but in the case of "Red Prince" Straw it did not apply to him as one of the several siblings trying to get on the gravy train without ever having a proper job, so excuse me for being cynical...............

Sackerson said...

Yes, the same thought occurred to me. But he's advocating primaries, so he must think he'd do OK when put on the spot.