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Thursday, December 03, 2015

ITV bias on Syria vote coverage?

I watched the ITV lunchtime news almost disbelievingly. I think it was Alastair Stewart who was interviewing Ann Coffey MP, allowing the latter to overegg her claims of "bullying" by people who tweeted/emailed/phoned to call her a terrorist and to say that she had blood on her hands.

This bullying claim seems to be the line to take at the moment - also used for the last day or two to describe Corbynite attempts to influence Labour MPs in the free vote they were given in the Syria bombing debate yesterday.

What I didn't see - and I can't seem to find the broadcast online, perhaps you can - is any attempt by the news anchor to challenge or offer balance.

For example:

Wasn't the Conservative vote whipped? And isn't it the job of whippers-in to "bully" MPs?

Was Cameron a "bully" for slurring the Opposition as "terrorist sympathisers" and refusing to retract when challenged to do so at the despatch box?

Is Ann Coffey MP really, after 23 years in Parliament, such a wimp that she feels bullied and intimidated merely by judgmental words from voters?

Was Lord Goldsmith not bullied into changing his legal advice on the proposed attack on Iraq?

Was Alastair Campbell not a notorious bully when assisting PM Tony Blair in No. 10?

Was Ann Coffey not promoted to Opposition Whip by Blair in 1992, and made his PPS after the 1997 General Election? (Yes, she was.)

If Stewart couldn't bring himself to ask any awkward questions, could someone who voted the other way have been brought on to do the job?

Has ITV become Britain's answer to Fox News?


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A K Haart said...

"Has ITV become Britain's answer to Fox News?"

I don't know, I haven't watched it for years. I always saw ITV as the BBC with ads.

wiggiatlarge said...

Apart from Andrew Neil does anyone ask awkward questions ?