Sunday, August 17, 2014

Has a celebrity moved into YOUR area?

Not the Mail on Sunday

Our FREE detector will tell you how many kilometres to the nearest entertainer. Then simply log on to, enter the details and we'll tell the police, tip-off the media for the raid and write letters of complaint about the subsequent coverage to the BBC's governors.


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Raedwald said...

The Police justification for the publicity - that it encourages other 'victims' to come forward - should surely not be confined to high-profile suspects.

Next time a Police officer is arrested, it should be given the same max publicity - to encourage previous victims of their corrupt arrests, statements, evidence and of any 'fitting up' by the accused to come forward.

Oh. Wait a minute. That would encourage opportunists to make spurious claims, wouldn't it ...

Sackerson said...

Shockin' suggestion. We're voting for our Police Commissioner this week, must see what the candidates think of that.