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Friday, August 06, 2010

If you think positive thinking is annoying, you haven't considered negative thinking

Do you believe in Affirmations, also known as Cosmic Ordering, the Law of Attraction etc?

Believers in this New Age alleged horse-puckey:
Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert)
Noel Edmonds (what's the betting Rachel Cooke didn't rush off to try it herself? Surely it would disqualify you for working for the Guardian)
... and, I think, Richard Templar, author of bestseller "The Rules of Work". I suspect the most important thing he has to say is in the foreword, because that's where he reveals the formative experience. He was competing for a promotion against someone who was less qualified and capable, but the other man won. Templar discussed his disappointment with a colleague, who told him that it was because he didn't walk like a manager. Templar started looking and found that managers did indeed walk in a different way. When he fixed that for himself, promotion came.
I don't think it's essentially about conning other people, or about starting to con yourself (how can you do that and not know you're doing it?); I think it's about accepting that you may already be doing it, but in a negative way. If that is so, then the implications are challenging - and hopeful.


Paddington said...

There is something to be said for Templar's anecdote. People do indeed respond unconsciously to body posture. It's one of the things that I discuss in my karate classes.

James Higham said...

Karate? Yikes!

Paddington said...

James - not really. I'm just old, cowardly, and mean.