Sunday, April 25, 2010


"All these moments will be lost, like tears in rain". I have submitted the following comments to a post on Hatfield Girl's elegant column; I hope to be wrong.

Unfortunately, the disparities of wealth in the global economy are fostering the growth of rootless business magnates, to the detriment of the social stability of developed industrial economies.

These magnates have realized (as Rockefeller did, long before) that ownership of distribution is even more powerful than ownership of the means of production; especially when it is accompanied by ownership of the means of communication, as "Chinese" Murdoch understands.

The Fourth Estate's weakness is compounded by the suborning of academia: 20,000 professional economists, of whom only 0.06% understood the significance of debt and foresaw the present crisis, act as berobed yes-men to the sultans of international trade.

Our political representatives have been exposed as venal careerists heavily incentivised to foster the acquis communautaire. In the General Election, we are offered a choice of one, in three avatars. Stick a pin in the roll of MPs and you are more likely than not to hit Lord Jim.

Once Western economies have been mined-out and markets in the East have evolved to a size capable of absorbing their own output, the East will have little further use for us and our freshly-printed toy money.

We shall also discover that, in practice, the vaunted fraternal benevolence of international Communism comes a very long way second to national self-interest and genetic similarity.

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