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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When the penny dropped

Tony Blair receives a standing ovation from the entire House of Commons at the end of Prime Minister's Questions, 27 June 2007. David Cameron praises Blair's achievements and wishes him well in whatever he does in the future. BBC2 is criticised for failing to broadcast the ovation.

Despite the adversarial arrangement of the floor of the House of Commons, it seems to me that, politically, the two sides are no more than a Möbius strip. Whether we can include the mass media and make three sides into one, I cannot say.


James Higham said...

Möbius strip - good analogy.

Paddington said...

Sackerson - look up 'Klein bottle'. It's the solid analogue of the Moebius strip.

Sackerson said...

James, ta.

Paddington - Klein bottle I know, but that's two sides made into one, not three.

Paddington said...

Not exactly. It's a 3-dimensional object with only one surface. Hence, topologically, it's the equivalent of a Moebius strip, or at least the best that we can do in only 3 physical dimensions.