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Friday, August 16, 2019


We are into that time of year which used to be known as the 'silly season' which coincides with school and Parliament holidays and the newspapers are filled with trivial or inconsequential stories. Times have changed somewhat and it sometimes feels as though the silly season lasts all year round!

But to maintain the 'tradition' here is a potpourri of musical strangeness. (- in keeping with this year's strange weather.)

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Sackerson adds:

From the sublime to... here is a favourite of mine -


JD tells me some swine actually did this for real:


pete said...

Hello Broad Oak - I gave up on pop around when Queen came along and I missed the start of punk... then when I'd had my fill of that I immersed myself in Indian film music amongst others - there's a ton of it on the net - can't find my favourites now - except this one - hope you like it... (have you done flamenco yet? - Sabicas; Pepe Fernández; Ramon Montoya)

ps - that e-mail is broke

Sackerson said...

@Pete: What email? The mentalfloss link works - I've just tested it.

Sackerson said...

@Pete: P.S. Look at JD's music list, r/h sidebar - there's at least two flamenco posts that might interest you, plus much else.