Saturday, March 11, 2017

Germany may drive Greece, not to despair but into the arms of Russia

Germany's merciless pursuit of the Greeks for debt could turn Greek minds to a rapprochement with Russia.

The Germans are opposing a debt "haircut" and look to the IMF to do something else instead -

"Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Soeder called for a tougher stance in negotiations with Greece, suggesting Athens should only get fresh aid from its lenders against additional collateral such as cash, gold or real estate" -

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In addition to recent talk of a rapprochement between Russia and Turkey, last year Russky Mir was already predicting that the EU's economic squeeze will result in a partnership with Moscow (“GREECE CAN ONLY EMERGE FROM EUROPEAN DESOLATION UNITED WITH RUSSIA”, 19 June 2016).

A cover for discussions could be provided by fresh negotiations around the Burgas–Alexandroupoli pipeline, first proposed in the 1990s and far from dead; or the "Turkish stream" gas pipeline, an arm of which is to run into Greece.

Let's not forget that the Communists tried to take over Greece at the end of WW2.

What utter folly and blind greed, to make the Greeks suffer until they turn.

A modern-day Graham Greene would now be frequenting the cafés and restaurants of Alexandroupoli and Thessaloniki.


wiggiatlarge said...

" additional collateral such as cash, gold or real estate"

Hasn't Germany still got all the gold it looted from Greece in WW 11, seems they are getting a bit greedy.

Sackerson said...

There is some noise on the Greek side about quid pro quo.