Friday, October 23, 2015

Red meat - the new wonder food

Red meat

The Daily Mail has yet another story on the great killer food debate. This time it's... hang on I've forgotten this week's diet narrative...

Forget red meat - you're more likely to get bowel cancer from eating CHOCOLATE: Leading colorectal surgeon on why he eats meat regularly - and how sugar is the true culprit

Ah yes, it's now red meat that leads to everlasting health and sugar causes a ghastly lingering death where your innards are slowly chewed to pieces by poisonous statistics. Something like that.

We eat a lot of fish and very little meat although I wouldn't turn my nose up at a hot beef cob with lots of fried onions. Will we die from a lack of red meat or would the occasional bacon cob ensure our survival? How about a beef and horseradish sandwich with a pint of real ale?

Why shouldn't the NHS dish out these little life-savers? Hot beef and onion cobs at the local doctor's surgery anyone?


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Paddington said...

We just shared a large steer with 3 friends.

Paddington said...

Past a certain age, the government should encourage drugs, drink, smoking and eating red meat.

Sackerson said...

The ones past a certain age may be the natural survivors, maybe the treatment should start earlier to weed out the weaklings before they start breeding.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Somehow, 4 people sharing 1,800 pounds of beef in one sitting escapes me.

Now if the steer was tied to a tree, the story has more credibility.

James Higham said...

I'm buying a lump of steak this week.

A K Haart said...

Paddington - was one of your friends Desperate Dan?

Sackers - baby food based on dripping?

Jim - sounds like heavy going to me too.

James - beef and stilton pie for us.

Paddington said...

An 1800 pound steer dressed out at about 1200 pounds, and no, it wasn't one sitting.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Paddington, I was just pulling your leg.

Beef is so expensive, that a lot of us have switched to chicken.

I'm sure you'll have many frends helping you to eat and enjoy it all.

Paddington said...

I know that. For us, the total cost came out at about $3.50 per pound, for locally and humanely-raised beef.