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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The "40% rule" would wipe out the Labour Party

It is a remarkable fact that Conservative constituencies are more solidly so than any other party. Based on the 2010 General Election results, here is what the House of Commons would look like if only those Members were admitted who gained 40% or more of the votes of all the registered electors in their constituency (not simply all those who actually cast their vote):

Constituency NameRegionParty
DaventryEast MidlandsCON
Northamptonshire South East MidlandsCON
Brentwood & OngarEasternCON
Hitchin & HarpendenEasternCON
Norfolk NorthEasternLIB DEM
Ruislip, Northwood & PinnerLondonCON
TwickenhamLondonLIB DEM
Westmorland & LonsdaleNorth WestLIB DEM
Kirkcaldy & CowdenbeathScotlandLAB
Arundel & South DownsSouth EastCON
BeaconsfieldSouth EastCON
Chesham & AmershamSouth EastCON
Esher & WaltonSouth EastCON
Hampshire EastSouth EastCON
Hampshire North EastSouth EastCON
Hampshire North WestSouth EastCON
HenleySouth EastCON
MaidenheadSouth EastCON
Meon ValleySouth EastCON
Mole ValleySouth EastCON
New Forest WestSouth EastCON
NewburySouth EastCON
SevenoaksSouth EastCON
Surrey EastSouth EastCON
Surrey HeathSouth EastCON
Surrey South WestSouth EastCON
Tonbridge & MallingSouth EastCON
WealdenSouth EastCON
WindsorSouth EastCON
WitneySouth EastCON
ChristchurchSouth WestCON
Kenilworth & SouthamWest MidlandsCON
Richmond (Yorks)Yorkshire and the HumberCON


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James Higham said...

I don't see anything wrong with the principle - the membership must approve a strike action.

Sackerson said...

And sometimes they do. But once you try to invalidate votes because of those who didn't vote, you open a can of worms. Remember that Con and Lab did their level best to wreck the attempt to introduce the Alternative Vote.

In any case, it's another Cam distraction and you've fallen for it.