Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's not UKIP the Pub Landlord is standing against

Here is an extract from Wikipedia's page on the South Thanet constituency:
General Election 2010: South Thanet[16]
ConservativeLaura Sandys22,04348.0+6.8
LabourStephen Ladyman14,42631.4−8.1
Liberal DemocratPeter Bucklitsch6,93515.1+2.9
UKIPTrevor Shonk2,5295.5+0.7
Conservative gain from LabourSwing+7.4

Elections in the 2000s[edit]

General Election 2005: South Thanet
LabourStephen Ladyman16,66040.4-5.3
ConservativeMark MacGregor15,99638.8-2.3
Liberal DemocratGuy Voizey5,43113.2+3.8
UKIPNigel Farage2,0795.0+3.7
GreenHoward Green8882.2+2.2
IndependentMaude Kinsella1880.5+0.5
Labour holdSwing-1.5

The idea that UKIP seriously hope to win there, is risible. UKIP's highest poll in 2010 (N. Farage, 17.4%) was in Buckingham, against John Bercow; the next highest was Robert Brown's 8.3% in Cambridgeshire North West. As we have seen already, UKIP's best chance of gaining seats is to win over disenchanted sitting MPs.

Al Murray may claim to be standing against Nigel Farage but all he is likely to do is disrupt the competition at the top in this Con-Lab swing seat - and, more importantly, disrupt the minorities' campaigns there generally with his additional noises off.

And get a lot of attention with his joke "Free UK Party" (FUKP, get it? I get it daily, teaching excluded primary children. What a wag.)

He is not standing for any party, not even the Labour Party for which he is an activist - or was, until this possibly Labour-vote-dividing stunt.

He is standing for himself.


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A K Haart said...

He's certainly trying.

James Higham said...

Hmmmm, great minds think alike.