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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Salmond has done it!

As I comment on AKHaart's preceding piece:

I think it's coming anyway. The panic last-minute promises from HMG are a gift to the Yes camp, who can say, "Would they have offered these concessions if they didn't think we'd leave; will they keep their promises if we don't?"

Then later, if the promises aren't kept, it'll be let's vote again, now we know; and if the promises are kept, then it'll be like one of those I-need-some-space "trial separations" that end in divorce proper.

Salmond's done it, with the assistance of an incompetent and negligent Westminster.


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Wolfie said...

Panic based on a single poll.

How obvious is this set-up?

I smell a common purpose rat.

hatfield girl said...

Scotland being a Labour Party power base conflicts with Scotland as a quasi-autonomous country; and the Scottish Labour Party is a truly horrid enemy to have and an even worse collaborator.

Once the SNP ousted it at the last Scottish elections the chances of a referendum ushering in the kind of devolution embodied in the legislation (which was modelled on that used for the former Dominions' independence) were present and, largely, welcomed. Hence the notable speed and lack of acrimony with which this referendum was set up.

I wonder if 'incompetent' and 'negligent' are not too harsh.

Relations with Scotland will continue much as before(or much as did relations with the Dominions) without the SLAB and all that implies accessing our political system. A great deal of the No brigade's scaremongering is ill-founded but obviously the London establishment must go through the motions of opposing Yes.

Would you rather have as your interlocutor in the post-vote negotiations representatives of the majority of the Scottish people led by the SNP? Or Gordon Brown and his ilk?

Sackerson said...

Wolfie: CP would want what out of this?

HG: Touchy-feely Cam says he "would be heartbroken", so I rest my case on jejune incompetence.

As for the Scots themselves, if they're willing to pay the price they should have their freedom. It would be a hard deflation indeed that made them or us as materially poor as our forefathers. But would an EU-free UK not have even greater potential for us all?