Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why we need packaging




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Paddington said...


A K Haart said...

Paddington - not quite so grim when cooked. We bought them as something to shove in the oven after a day out walking. They were cheap too.

hatfield girl said...

Looking at Beck and Child for vol-au-vent the main coverage runs from pp174-194; for the puff pastry shells 186-91 and then short entries here and there. There are tens and tens of fillings readily made from the preparation of other meals.

So starting making this dish from scratch would be a waste of time and effort. It's suggested often that people can't cook but I wonder if the problem of throwing money away on pre-prepared food like this isn't more a lack of an overview of feeding the family (or even just oneself).

If preparing mushrooms then plan having this dish in the near future and put the filling, already prepared, aside. And any other potential filling from fish, chicken, etc. Puff pastry is something that actually benefits from being frozen.

But this dish is not the stuff of a quick meal if starting from scratch. The genuinely quick meals are the flashy friers - stroganoff, pesce spada, cotolette alla know, the scrumptious, cost-a-lots. Eating well has always been about the weekly planning, anyone can cook (or look it up).

(We're having aubergines tonight,en persillade gratinee; with tomatoes roasted whole. It won't take much longer than putting that dish in the oven, as long as I remember to salt the aubergines at teatime).

A K Haart said...

hatfield girl - we do a goat's cheese tart in puff pastry which is easy enough and far superior to this.