Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Where's Cameron? Our Camcam guide...

As ISIS tortures and slaughters its way through the Arab Street, where is David Cameron?

Is he still on his beach holiday here (Cascais, Portugal)?

Google Maps
If so, maybe Cam will fleetingly appear on the webcam at Praia do Guincho:
A still taken from the webcam this evening - live feed here
... or will he be taking his second summer holiday soon at Rock (again)?

Google Maps
All the webcams at Rock appear to have been (re)moved or are currently inoperative... weird, huh? And there's not one in Witney, either (the Oxfordshire mansion we're paying for through his MP's expenses, not to mention the 7p for his bulldog clip)...
But hey, it's like, so not likely to be 10 Downing Street, though:

Google Maps
- but if it is, you may see him flit through here, past the plebs:
Still taken this evening from Google's Downing Street webcam
Do let us know if you catch the Prime Minister at his job - or Parliament at theirs.


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