Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's the lawlessness plus the militarization of police - together

First, two pics from the link below:


Then the link: http://armstrongeconomics.com/2014/08/11/protests-turn-to-free-for-all/

Additional material, via Barry Ritholtz:



Then you might look at this link on police exceeding their legitimate authority:

Rogue policeman who tried to get DNA sample from young girl to prove she was daughter of kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch is sentenced to prison

 ... which might tie in with this:

The missing children ... which is getting a little tangential to the main theme of this article.

Sackerson asks us to look at the second pic above, more so than the first.  Sorry, methinks both must be viewed in conjunction in order to make sense of what's going on.

Whilst I'm with him on the second and will write on it below, the issue of the top pic and the lawlessness the society has fallen into due to corrupt politicians, left-captured judiciary which condones criminals but incarcerates the minor, especially non-PC, offender and the overall weakening of the institutions of society, actually ties in with the increasing militarization of the police.

In old left-right terms, there's one of each issue in this tale, which raises the question, if both left and right are concerned, then what are we concerned about and the answer to that is the State.

And as has been shown in posts passim, almost ad infinitum, the State is not only encroaching but the hidden group behind it - I hesitate to call it a ruling class - is going down the same path as near the end of the Weimar Republic.

Whilst the left, through its organs Scientific American, MSNBC, the Cato Institute, the Atlantic and others zeroes in on the militarization, the right's American Thinker zeroes in on something different:
The president’s interest is, or should be, the health of our nation, and the totality of its people, to include the people of Ferguson inclusively, but not exclusively. He should adamantly reinforce his support for the “rule of law”, for either we have justice (true justice, premised on findings, not emotion), or we have chaos and anarchy.
National Review Online makes a good point:

It was ridiculous and wrong for police snipers to train their weapons on peaceful protestors in Ferguson. But, when you get right down to it, the militarization of police has had basically nothing to do with events there, even though the Left and parts of the Right have wanted to make that the main issue.
It's too convenient that this over-militarization, as opposed to its bobby on the beat function, should coincide with all this rank lawlessness.  It's almost an invitation to FEMA and the days of the new heavy-handed police reaction.  Well maybe not new - you'll recall the miners' strikes. NRO again:
So now Governor Nixon is calling in the National Guard, or in other words, “militarizing” the response. What Ferguson needs is the restoration of basic order, and the absence of it has never been the fault of the police, but of a small, lawless fringe of protestors bent on mayhem.
See, we swing left, we swing right and never really look at BOTH sides of the issue together.

We don't focus on the real culprits who even condone the lawlessness, whilst militarizing the police. And as that article says, Ferguson is only one small part of the issue which has been going on for quite some time.

But the point is, all these new threats are conveniently arising, in order for the stormtrooper reaction.  ISIS for a start is a faux-Islamist group - see Operation Cyclone for background.

Let's not go too left-field but there still is the little matter of the Patriot Act quickly following the "convenient" 911. We've also seen the innocuous FEMA holding camps with the inturned barbed wire tops of fences which are explained away as training barracks and whatever.

Trouble is, the left will bring that up and the right poo-poohs it, then the right will bring up the failure of police to act on the lawless and feckless in Ferguson and the left will say no, no, it's all the police's fault, ignoring how this lawlessness is spreading and threatening ordinary people.

Thus both sides fail to agree - we can't even agree on which photo is more important - and thus we fail to combine to stop the whole phenomenon of the game of these people I call Them, for want of a better term.

In other words, the power behind the politicians who both appoint the pollies and run them from behind the scenes.  In the case of Cameron, one of them can be named immediately - Barosso.  If you need another name - Sutherland.

This is where the issue is.  If you go through those links, the pattern is not only clear, it's worldwide.  Australia is also doing these things, and Canada.


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Rossa said...

Karl has this piece about the difference between peace officers and law enforcement officers.


And an update on the initial forensics from the shooting in Ferguson.


Wolfie said...

Loath that I am to reference popular entertainment but I think Lucas gave us a good analogy of what is going on in his prequel movie "Attack of the Clones". Here the benign Senate is set-up by the conspirators by creating a secret army and then manufacturing a crisis which forces them to use this army. Thus militarising the Senate and isolating moderate voices to the point that they appoint the architect of the plot as their leader.

The weakness of the courts and legislators whilst foisting ever more complicated requirements on the law enforcers is clearly a plan designed to force the hand of the police into this position in preparation for a greater “emergency”.

The assistance of the press is what I find so mindboggling. Who would want to be a police officer? Certainly not anyone black anyway.


Here is a more interesting link…


I should note that the wounds were consistent with police procedure, non-lethal shots culminating in a final lethal shot if the suspect refuses to desist. The entry point of the head-wound corroborates the account of the above link as during a charge. I wouldn’t trust that blogger anymore, he’s been writing nonsense for a while now.

Rossa said...

As far as I know Wolfie, it's already been established that the 'victim' had pot in his system.

As for Karl, he was just trying to establish how the wounds caused by the bullets could have occurred. The 'jury' is still out. Your video adds to the circumstantial evidence but is not completely clear.

While you may think Karl writes nonsense I certainly don't. A lot of what he writes makes sense but as usual most clear thinkers take everything they read and filter it according to each person's knowledge, info, beliefs etc.

Doesn't make either of us right or wrong, it's just a different opinion.

James Higham said...

Hmmm, jury's out in my head too. But the Attack of the clones seems closest.

Sackerson said...