Thursday, November 18, 2010

The State of the Union, in credit terms

First published on The Broad Oak Blog (Nov. 15, 2010):

CMA DataVision's third-quarter report gives the latest assessments of sovereign debt default risk, as measured by the price of credit default insurance. This edition also includes ratings for selected individual States of the USA. I have combined the latter with the former in a ranking below, so that you can see the ratings of States in some sort of context. Please click on the picture to enlarge.

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James Higham said...

Excellent - now, what do we do with it?

Sackerson said...

That post is more for American readers. There's so much talk of the national situation that it's obscuring public discussion of the condition of individual States and cities, but the difficulties of these is putting severe strain on public services and pensions.

Similarly here, we have so much about the public debt that we haven't yet started mainstream discussion of the burden of private debt. It's taken Martin Durkin's recent Channel 4 documentary to get the public to cotton on to the issue of the nation's unfunded future obligations, yet there is still the extra elephant in the room, the mountain of mortgage and credit card debt etc.