Monday, November 22, 2010

Will fusion power save us?

Forwarded to me by Paddington, an article that gives us hope for future energy production and the continuance of the civilisation we're used to:

A new approach to nuclear fusion means that in a few years time nuclear fusion will break even. Bearing in mind that our ‘preferred’ power choices of solar power, windmills etc. have to be heavily subsidised before people will even look at them and our electrickery bills will soon reflect our politician’s latest stealth tax.

Now it seems that we have had breakthroughs in nuclear fusion every few years without a reactor becoming available. However, I feel that we are finally getting there. The project is difficult but worthwhile to the whole human race. As it is so important to the human race I wonder why the money we are wasting on windmills and making coal stations more environmentally friendly is not being spent on making this become true.
Look at the benefits.

Electrickery at a cost that makes metering it unfeasible. Certainly not the case for anything we have now.Virtually pollution free. No waste and little environmental impact. Certainly less than coal, gas, windmills and hydropower.Safe power production. Negligible accidental risk and can be protected from nutters.

Of course from a politician’s perspective this is far from the Holy Grail. They won’t be able to tax us to death on the pretence of climate change, something they still push for tax reasons which have been debunked by all but a few climate nutters, plus they won’t be able to use climate change as a stick to beat us back to the Stone Age with. So even when a fusion reactor is available don’t expect our politicians to approve one being built any time soon.


James Higham said...

So not a fission one then?

Sackerson said...

If fusion is "clean" then there will only be a fraction of the tidy-up problems there are with fission.