Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prospering during the collapse

Some of the websites I visit seem to be aimed at investors who want to make a killing out of the turmoil. There's even books about it, notably Peter Schiff''s. The mindset is, devil take the hindmost and aren't we the smart ones.

So where are all the wise guys from the Mayans, Toltecs, Aztecs, Inca?

Perhaps their descendants are quartered on some as yet undiscovered Caribbean island, living off the interest on their interest and drunk on Inca Pisco every night. Maybe Dan Brown is working on another thriller about the secret inheritance of the ancients.
Or maybe not. I think we should be told.
Can the elite really control the outcome, as Charles Hugh Smith thinks?


James Higham said...

Now you're not going to make a mint with that attitude, Sackers. Get down there and screw someone over, lad!

Paddington said...

The Mayans et al didn't have immunity to smallpox, or metal swords. Read 'Guns, Germs and Steel' by Jarod Diamond.

Anonymous said...

1) The elite who organised and implemented stuff called credit cards, credit, debt etc. They knew it would implode, and now it has.

2) Bush, greenspan, bernanke are all part of the same boys club. They do not care about anyone but themselves. When we are screaming about high cost of things, then those in charge of the NWO will have us right where they want us. Time to prepare was yesterday.

Go have a look at those guys have been spot on about the elections and what is coming very soon.

Paddington said...

There is a tipping point, at which there won't be enough trained workers to maintain our technology. Then the elite will die as well.

Sackerson said...

Well, that's the question. Is a putative civilisation crash survivable, and if so, who is most likely to survive?

Since previous civilisations have crashed and we're here now, the answer to the first part would seem to be yes. (Unless we're contemplating the crash of the ecosystem, in which case perhaps - I think v. v. likely - life in some form will still survive, but etc.)

But who, where? Maybe those so-called primitive tribes in Papua will turn out to be the cutting-edge societies after all.

One still has a hankering to see the guilty punished. Or at least, other guily people.

Or maybe we could go back to "Blueprint for Survival" and work out some mutually-agreed, very long-term plan to get things back in balance. I hope so. Hate all this survivalist stuff, I don't fancy my chances as Rambo.