Sunday, November 08, 2009

Reds at St Catherine's College, Oxford

I haven't the time - or resources - to explore this fully, but there does seems to be plenty to find about a nexus of Marxists and revolutionary socialists at St Catherine's College, Oxford, starting as early as the 70s* and forming the background for Peter Mandelson and others with connexions to New Labour. I should be grateful for more insights.

*With much deeper roots - e.g. Terry Eagleton was a protege of Raymond Williams.


James Higham said...

I'll explore this. It doesn't surprise although Cambridge is the more obvious candidate.

Nick Drew said...

makes a change from Balliol !

Anonymous said...

The dictionary definition of socialism is an interim stage on the way to communism. So its a bit of a give away surely.

Orwell indicated how the whole thing started in "Keep the Aspidistra Flying". Orwell then went on to explain in coded terms how "English Socialism" might develop if left unchecked in "1984".

The story we have in the Mail is really dotting the "i's" and crossign the "t's" of what we had all guessed already. The KGB had thoroughly infiltrated the Labour Party and the Unions (Orwell would certainly have known this too). Generally they were not to have sufficient power and influence over the party until Thatcher's time. Callaghan was not a KGB stooge, but Foot and Kinnock were. Of course, you would have to be totally dim not to realise that Foot and the KGB were blood brothers, but could be excused for believing that Kinnock's crusade against Militant showed him to be no friend of the radical left. In fact this was probably nothing more than window dressing. Kinnock wanted power, and the Russians told him the best way to get power was to take action against these maverick Marxist elements. It nearly convinced the voters too - but perhaps they had a gut feeling he wasn't to be trusted?

It seems Blair, Brown and Mandelson are also in the frame. [Interesting that both Kinnock and Mandelson held high office in the EU together with a selection of other former Marxists like Barroso and Prodi].

My theory is that the Foot/Kinnock saga showed that no party even moderately Marxist would ever gain power democratically in the UK. Blair/Brown/Mandelson plotted to gain power through outright lies. Blair was probably nothing more than a patsy - too dim to do anything but grin in the right places. The real motivators were Brown and Mandelson with enlisted help from Alistair Campbell.

I believe NuLabour knew they had two choices. Become a party of the center and seek continued re-election or become a party of the radical left but seek votes by appearing to be a party of the center. In this latter case they would eventually be rumbled by the public and expelled from British politics forever. I think they chose the latter option, in line with their personal beliefs, and therefore knew this would be Labour's last ever term in office.

Anonymous said...

Part II

It is my belief that Labour have done everything they could to damage Britain as a nation. I believe they have been encouraged to do this by Vladimir Putin (formerly of the KGB) who considers Britain to be America's greatest ally in Europe and therefore a continuing danger to Russia. Putin for his part has continued with a policy of state sponsored poisonings of adversaries through proxies suggesting he intends to keep a tight grip on Russian politics for the foreseeable future. He is ruthless in his treatment of perceived enemies.

NuLabour must therefore be understood in terms of their deliberate attempts to damage the UK. Every policy can be considered to be chosen in terms of the damage it might do to the UK, from cheap booze to bailing out Northern Rock. Taken from this point of view every NuLabour policy makes perfect sense. Dividing the country into parts, sending the Army out on wars that take decades (ironically in the same place where Russia also failed), wrecking the economy, damaging Britains best companies etc etc etc.

Finally, to remove the ability of the British to do anything about these disasterous policies they have signed over all power to the EU. [The EU is an inherently socialist organisation of course that strangely sees no need to provide itself with any real defence against the Russians. Incidentally you may be interested to know that Angela Merkel also has an intersting Communist past - her family chose to move to East Germany and she was active in the Socialist Youth).

So, we have known for some time that Marxist Russian sympathisers have infiltrated the Unions, CND, parts of the Labour Party and MI5. We know also that the Communist Party of Great Britain has more recently infiltrated the Green Party. Would it be too hard to believe that it has also infiltrated the Conservative Party? The Russians have just as much motivation to meddle in the Conservative Party as the Labour Party. Any infiltration would need to be more subtle of course, but it is extraordinary that the leadership of the Conservative Party is happy to be wildly out-of-step with the Conservative Party grass-roots on the EU. I am not necessarily saying that Cameron is working for the KGB - but what if other back-room boys in nominally right-ring think-tanks have been "got at" and are poisoning Tory party thinking? If the Russians can corrupt MI5 with no-one realising for years, they can corrupt any organisation in the UK.

Sackerson said...

Interesting, plausible and grim, Anon. Thank you very much for your contribution.

Sackerson said...
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