Friday, November 20, 2009

India: the coming superpower

Like I've been saying for some time; and now someone else thinks so, too.


James Higham said...

Plenty of people have been saying it but I have an article here somewhere which says that they don't have the mindset to carry it off as China does. I'll try to dig this article out.

Wolfie said...

Clearly you don't have to deal with the out-source umpa lumpas on a daily basis. Population is too big, too poor and drifting towards civil unrest. Can't agree with you so it will have to just be the two of you today.

Sackerson said...

Hi, Wolfie, and thanks for staying in touch.

"... too big, too poor and drifting towards civil unrest": like China, then.
"... deal with the out-source umpa lumpas on a daily basis": like the Chinese at the point when they made 10 tools for every 1 that was of a satisfactory standard; or chromed the whole tool rather than the relevant part.
Or the Japanese with their cheap, tinny and unreliable manufactures of the 1950s.

Best wishes to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

No, just America's next victim in the games they play to keep their standard of living high.

South America, then Europe, then Japan, then the Pacific Rim, then China and next India. I predict Africa after the Indian escapade.

Just what did the Chinese get for all those cheap manufactured products? A lot of American paper money that is worth less and less. Now the Yanks are moving their party to India and the Chinese will be screwed.

Anyway, countries with over-sized populations and rapidly growing populations never get rich. Just look how the UK is sliding down into the abyss.

Paddington said...

I think India just can't do it. They have too many people, most poor, to build an industrial society.

An Indian friend describes to me how 5 related families moved into his late uncle's house, and all but one stole their basic electricity. In another case, Indian Air Force cadets ended up moving 40 or more family members into space intended for 12 cadets.