Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evolution of Creationism

In the 150 years since the publication of Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species', the Theory of Evolution has been refined and strengthened on a daily basis. For 100 years, it has been the best-supported model that we have, and is settled science.

Culturally is a different matter.

Biblical literalists, principally in the US, with some in Canada, Australia, England, Ireland and elsewhere, have fought a public relations rearguard action, retarding US science and education. Even as they lose in the scientific arena, they also have lost in legal battles.

Ironically, this pressure has caused their arguments to evolve:

CREATION SCIENCE (ruled religion and not science by the US Supreme Court in 1987)

A used-car salesman in a cheap suit. Tries to convince you that a rusted-out junker is better than a new car.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN (Kansas and Ohio School Board hearings)

Salesman has a nicer suit. Paints over the rust, and tells you that the car IS new.

'ONLY A THEORY' and 'STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES' (Cobb County, Georgia and Dover, Pennsylvania court cases)

Salesman caught on video turning back odometer. Hides car and denies everything. Points out 'major defect' in new car next door. Closer inspection shows defect to be dead bug on windshield.


Anonymous said...

Darwin should have been depleted long ago from any school taskings except for an anecdotal mention of the continued absurdity of non science folks not looking at anything that our master geneticists did when they built this eco-system.
It has been a very sad era for science,and the talking point specialists are still working overtime,and did anyone think through that mess? NOPE

James Higham said...

Groan. By starting this "creationism" instead of just letting the truth take care of itself, they've brought the whole thing into ridicule when it is anything but ridiculous, except as portrayed by the creationists.

It's like going for political office and your main supporters are Jehovah's Witnesses.