Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fisk this - Jack Straw on oil and Al-Megrahi

In the Telegraph and other papers:

Mr Straw also claims today that Mr Brown had nothing to do with his change of heart over the PTA [Prisoner Transfer Agreement], adding: “I certainly didn’t talk to the PM. There is no paper trail to suggest he was involved at all.”

Even if literally true, the above statement is consistent with the possibilities that:

- Mr Straw communicated via a third party with the PM on oil-for-Lockerbie-bombers (or, the PM raised the matter with others)
- Mr Straw communicated directly with the PM, but not through speech
- There were once paper-based records to show the PM's involvement, but they have been destroyed
- There were, or still are, records held in other form (e.g. email)

A good example of a "non-denial denial"?


James Higham said...


Not your post - the people in the issue.

Sackerson said...

This is not so much about what is becoming old news, James; it's about the incredibly slippery nature of lawyer Straw, who has survived longer at the top than almost anybody.

Paddington said...

Sackerson - makes me think of Karl Rove over here, who is still pulling strings. His grandfather was in the propoganda ministry under Goebbels, and the lessons stuck. He also is a closet gay, yet engineered the Republican attack on gay rights. Quite a piece of work.